With more than 25 years of experience working with the legal industry, we provide insight into the key issues affecting professional services today. All our training programs are customized to the needs of individual clients, following an initial consultation and assessment:

All of our programs are customized to your specific needs for content as well as time constraints.

  • The Client Feedback Interview Process
  • Client Feedback Training
  • Concept Testing Focus Group
  • Presentation Skills Training
  • I-SPEAK Communications Style Training Program
  • Associate/Partner Training Programs
  • Media Training
  • Networking Skills
  • One-on-One Professional Marketing Coaching

The Client Feedback Interview Process

Anne and Merry will provide an interactive training presentation on the various types of Client Feedback Programs as well as a step-by step process on how to create buy-in from the firm and how to carry out a successful Client Feedback Program.

This will be a Train the Trainers’ session with the goal that each participant leaves with a tool box including:

  • “How to get started” strategies
  • Interview questionnaires and options
  • Interview training techniques such as:
  • How to conduct preliminary research
  • How to set up the interview process
  • How to use active listening techniques to unearth the “moments of truth” from firm clients
  • Sample summary Client Feedback Reports
  • Ammunition on how to get buy-in from reluctant participants and executive committees

We envision this presentation to take two hours. In terms of format for the presentation, we prefer rounds or tables of 6-8 to increase the opportunity for participants to interact. We will need an LCD projector and will supply handouts.

Client Feedback Training

As leaders in client feedback and market penetration research methods in the professional services marketplace, we provide several types of client feedback training:

  • General Overview
    Providing an overview of the theory and practice of client feedback and market penetration research and the data showing how to best conduct these interviews.
  • General Overview Plus Role Play
    We augment the overview program with custom-designed role-play scenarios to prepare professionals to conduct these types of interviews in person. These can be accomplished in either a half-day or a full-day format.
  • In-Person Attendance
    As part of our belief in learning theory practice, we often accompany the professionals we train on actual client feedback and market penetration research SM interviews. In these cases, we typically lead the interviews to model the correct way to conduct them. Research has shown that this is one of the most effective techniques for new participants to learn the techniques and effectively adopt them for subsequent interviews.

Concept Testing Focus Group

This interactive session will provide participants with significant take-home value. The attendees will learn about the process of setting up and facilitating Concept Testing Focus Groups. After we provide information about the how, when and why of focus group marketing, participants will cooperatively design a concept testing strategy for a fictitious law firm that wants to test a new marketing concept before rolling it out to the marketplace.

We will share a variety of ways that concept testing can assist firms in penetrating various market segments or industries for their law firms. We plan to provide specific examples of law firms that have successfully used focus groups to gain clarity from their marketplace before engaging in a specific marketing tactic. The act of the focus group itself can alone bring law firms closer with clients and potential clients.

The following are two “case studies” demonstrating how this strategic tactic can help a law firm focus and successfully refine its use of marketing time and dollars towards the right strategies and the most targeted audience.

Marketing to an Industry Segment : We developed a specific (almost aggressive) strategic marketing plan to assist one practice group of a large firm. Before we went to the “action steps” of printing materials, taking out sponsorships, writing articles, setting up meetings, putting on seminars, conducting industry surveys, etc, we facilitated a Concept Testing Focus Group with select members of this industry. The participants were both clients and potential clients of the firm. This feedback allowed the law firm to gain clarity around the specifics of the program that would most likely “sell it” to the intended constituents as well as to begin to develop relationships with several significant potential clients. The firm was very pleased with the results of the focus group. They made certain refinements to the program based on the feedback and gained added confidence in order to carry out this bold new program.

Brand Concept Testing:  We worked with a law firm that was struggling between two positioning concepts that both reflected the firm’s brand distinction. We convened a group of their clients and tested out the brand concept, possible logos, ads, direct mail pieces and collateral materials. The clients were universally attracted to one of the two concepts. Once the results of the brand concept testing report were distributed, the firm quickly and easily adopted the preferred brand and successfully implemented its “brand implementation marketing plan.”

We envision this presentation to take two hours. In terms of format for the presentation, we prefer rounds or tables of 6-8 to increase the opportunity for participants to interact. We will need an LCD projector and will supply handouts.

Presentation Skills Training
We provide presentation training skills courses based on educational models of learning and information retention to individuals and groups. This training is very interactive and participants are provided with opportunities to “practice” their new skills and receive coaching to enhance their presentation. For example, we offer:

  • 1/2 Day Programs
    Courses include an overview of how people learn and retain information as well as the techniques involved in creating memorable presentations. Interactive exercises and role-play scenarios are typically included.
  • Full Day Programs
    We enhance the half-day programs with additional individual and group exercises, role-play scenarios, playback (when multi-media is involved) and critique. We can provide full media and A/V support, as needed (I.E. 1 or 2 cameras, video support, training video examples, audio support, etc.)

I-SPEAK Communications Style Training Program:

Helping attorneys, managers and staff increase communication effectiveness

Why is it that at times we easily resonate with certain individuals while at other times we find ourselves frustrated with others? Quite obviously we may be speaking different “languages”. Communication style or “language” often has a great impact on how effectively we work together.

The I-SPEAK Communications Style training explores four communication styles, helps participants discover their own personal style and teaches new ways to communicate with others. The I-Speak goal is to develop greater awareness for other styles and create productive, effective working relationships.

Each of the four personality styles has unique strengths and qualities as well as potential weaknesses and “blind spots”. Whether a particular style is perceived as positive or negative depends upon the awareness of each individual’s style and how that knowledge is applied in interaction with others. No particular style is “good” or “bad”.

As individuals come to recognize and acknowledge the influence of their own style on their thoughts and actions, they begin to appreciate the importance that other people’s styles holds for them. This understanding improves the ability to more meaningfully interact with others, and will positively influence how others perceive you.

Extreme Marketing is an approved I-Speak provider. Depending on your firm’s needs, we provide test administration and results interpretation in 2-hour and ½ day programs.
To request more I-Speak information, call us or send an email to:

Associate/Partner Training Programs

We create and customize marketing and business development training programs for associates and partners at all levels.

Program elements often include modules such as:

  • Developing a Marketing/Business Bevelopment Plan
  • Creating your Contact List
  • Turning Contacts to Clients
  • Elevator Speeches
  • Leveraging Social Media
  • How to Network
  • Running Effective Meetings
  • Preparing for New Business Meetings
  • Follow-Up:  Beginning, Middle and End

Media Training
We work with media personality Dave Baum of the Dave Baum Media Training Group ( and a number of A/V professionals to conduct individual coaching, half-day, full day and two-day media training programs.

Dave began his media training career in 1973 following the first oil embargo and has worked with companies around the world to improve their relations with the media. Anne Gallagher began training with Dave in 1992 and continues to maintain her journalist credits as a freelance journalist in the legal industry.

In all our media training, the emphasis is on the practical realities of winning business deals with the media. For this reason, our media trainers are working journalists who have had extensive experience covering the beat.

This is a “snapshot” of our Media Spokesperson Training program. Our emphasis is on Successfully Doing Business with the Media. In order to do that, it is necessary to better know the inner-workings of media and how to help reporters, editors, and producers do their jobs. In return, they’ll help you get key messages out to your priority audiences.

  • Initial Baseline Interview
    A Q-and-A that emphasizes media control.
  • Understanding Today’s Media
    A discussion with client about today’s media, including the Internet, and what reporters, editors, producers are seeking for stories.
  • The Public View Of The Media
    The client’s personal views of the media and what effect the media has on the public. An introduction to the distinction that has to be made between personal feelings based on what is seen, heard and read and the business approach to media.
  • A Business Relationship With Media
    Why successful interviews are merely extensions of good business practices and how understanding and helping the reporter will better serve the client’s needs. Videotape examples
  • The Editorial Process
    Going behind the scenes with a client and showing how stories are put together and where client fits. An opportunity to produce and edit a story and make editorial judgments. A discussion of why it’s important to ‘play the game’ because the story will go on without you if you don’t participate.
  • Message Development & Putting A Human Face On Communications Needs
    Discussion and practical application of a client-related story and how Message Development with a human touch has to be the norm rather than the exception. Emphasis on the issue, audience, what it knows, what you want it to know, how to “connect” and the importance of net impressions. Videotape examples
  • The Communications Circle
    An introduction and practical application of “bridging” techniques which gives the client greater confidence to control interviews. Emphasis on answering questions truthfully and bridging to a key message repeatedly after every question. Explanation of media editing process. Why this is helpful to the reporter as well as the client. Practical exercise/critique
  • Interviews, Playback And Constructive Critique
    Based on client’s needs, interviews are conducted in TV news, satellite/split screen, print and radio media with video/audiotape playback and constructive critique. We can provide all A/V equipment required or work with your in-house equipment.
  • Review, Evaluations and Close

Networking Skills

Turning Contacts into Clients

Most people are uncomfortable entering a room full of strangers and trying to unearth ways to have meaningful interchanges with them. Our interactive workshop provides participants with the opportunity to go beyond “meeting and greeting” contacts at networking functions. This session provides tips that leave a lasting impression on new contacts and creates opportunities for future dialogue with new contacts.

In addition, this session is designed to assist participants in becoming more comfortable and productive at future meetings and networking situations. The program can run in abbreviated form for 2 hours. With exercises and role play, we also offer 1/2 day and full-day versions.

Participants take home specific strategies that enhance their individual networking and follow-up skills. All attendees are provided with actual networking time to transfer these concepts into usable skills, including:

  • Practicing goal setting for networking functions.
  • Developing strategies to meet as many contacts as possible during short, intensive networking time at meetings, seminars, and other group functions.
  • Learning new tactics for “moving on” to meet as many new contacts as possible.
  • Developing specific and measurable follow-up plans to turn contacts into future business opportunities.

One-on-One Professional Marketing Coaching
We work with individual professionals to identify their goals and assist in the development and implementation of realistic strategies and tactics to attain them.